Learn About The Gilded Piano - The Finest of Utah Piano Tuners

The Gilded Piano was started back in 2003 by Duncan Peterson because of his passion for music and he still carries that with him today.

Since then, The Gilded Piano has undergone lots of growth because of Duncan’s loyal customer base and the company’s expertise that cannot be found with other piano tuning businesses.  Duncan has had the opportunity to hire people to keep up with the growing demand, and plans on continuing this trend of growth well into the future.

The Gilded Piano provides expertise that other companies cannot match. They are one of the only piano tuning businesses in Utah that offers services like voicing the tone of a piano and regulating the action. Many expert and professional piano players recognize The Gilded Piano as their trusted piano tuner and service provider. Through the training that they have undergone, including going to classes to work on Steinway and Yamaha pianos, as well as being part of the Piano Technicians Guild and becoming Registered Piano Technicians, they have proven their expertise in the industry and are a credible, dependable, and well known business.

In July of 2007, Duncan became a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) Member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

A Registered Piano Technician (RPT) has passed a series of rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos. Only RPTs are authorized by The Piano Technicians Guild to display the logo containing the words “Registered Piano Technician”. It is the highest standard for piano technicians for the past 60 years.

Meet The Gilded Piano Team

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Jacob Putnam, RPT

We are thrilled to have Jacob Putnam as part of our team!  He has over 25 years of piano and keyboarding experience. Jacob is a Registered Piano Technician and a member of the Piano Technicians Guild.  He is highly skilled in piano rebuilding and has helped with the rebuilding of dozens of pianos over the years including pin-block replacement, bridge cap replacement, soundboard repair, string replacement, action repairs or replication, key-top replacement. He is skilled in concert-level tunings, piano repairs, voicing, and regulation.  Jacob is also our “go-to” guy when it comes to piano technology and is a, which includes piano players, midi, and silencer systems. He is a certified QRS player system installer.


Jacob has worked with the LDS Facility Management groups in Utah Valley, Salt Lake, Southern Utah, and parts of CO, AZ, and NV where he performed more than 4,000 tunings and also worked for Brigham Larson Pianos for 6 years rebuilding pianos, installing all their piano technology, training, and tuning for their customers on a daily basis. He is a husband and father of 4 amazing kids plus one on the way!

We constantly get positive feedback from our customers who absolutely love Jacob and we feel so blessed to have him as part of The Gilded Team.

“Jacob was absolutely wonderful. Very respectful and professional and so talented! Thanks for the beautiful tuning!” -Angela Dell

“I was very impressed with the tuning service that Jacob provided. I could tell he cared about his work and paid attention to details. He even tightened up the loose screws on my piano’s bench without me even mentioning it. It’s those little extra mile steps that make me feel confident and trusting in the quality of service provided. I highly recommend the Gilded Piano and I look forward to having them service my piano in the future.” -Katie Despain

“I enjoyed Jacob tuning my piano. I inherited it from my parents. The piano probably haded been tuned for thirty years. He was very professional and thorough. Afterward he played a beautiful song for us. He felt like a good friend. It sounds beautiful and I really enjoy playing my piano pieces every morning.” -Arlene Bassett

“Jacob was kind, courteous and professional. I highly recommend!” -Anne Isom Connors

“Very responsive. Jacob showed up exactly when he said he would. My piano sounds amazing. Already scheduled my appointment for next year!” -Daniel Smith

“Piano sounds great!! He was also very patient when my little grandson kept wanting to use his tools”. -Elizabeth Chesnut

“Jacob was awesome!  Thank you!  Please send him every time!” -Roane Noel

“Great Service, very Friendly” – Joey Clayson

Jose Cabrera, Piano Technician

Jose’ Cabrera is a Jazz Pianist, Arranger, Composer, Soloist and Accompanist, Piano Teacher and Piano and Musician from Dominican Republic.

He is an excellent Piano Technician and a member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

Jose attended the National Conservatory of Music in Santo Domingo DR, where he was educated as a Piano Performer, and obtained his diploma in piano technology mentored by Swedish master technician Claes Mart; it is there where he would later work as a Jazz Piano profesor for several years, while working as instructor for the National Choir, as a freelance musician, and running his own piano maintenance business in Dominican Republic.

As a Performing Artist has participated in various musical events, such as the “Katarei” Jazz festivals in Santo Domingo and the International Choir Festival in Lima Peru as a piano accompanist. He has shared the stage with internationally known artists like the Brazilian singer Djavan, Jazz Pianist Michel Camilo, among others; collaborated in studio sessions with bass player Carlitos del Puerto (bassist for the Chick Corea’s new trio)

He has arranged and composed music in various genres, for solo artists and music libraries for labels such as Anarchy Records, and arranged, produced and performed a piano solo Christmas album for Shadow Mountain Records, Deseret Books record label.

In 2021 worked as concert piano technician for Dessert Books streaming live concerts series in UT.




Duncan Peterson, Founder/CEO

Having been in business since 2003, Duncan has achieved the credential of Registered Piano Technician (RPT) the most widely recognized professional piano tuning accreditation, as well as attending multiple trainings around the country. He has also been trained at the Steinway & Sons factory in New York City as well as at the Yamaha Little Red School House, and Yamaha Performance Piano Service Seminar in Buena Park, California.

Duncan services the pianos for Salt Lake Community College, Murray School District, Nebo School District High Schools, Daynes Musicand hundreds of homes across the Wasatch Front. He has tuned for top musicians in Utah including Jon Schmidt, Paul Cardall, Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy, and has been a contract technician in charge of as many as 270 pianos on BYU campus and the MTC.

Duncan attended Brigham Young University (1998-2002) where he studied Organ Performance for 3 years, and graduated with his BA in Music. During that time he also played the Carillon Bells on BYU Campus.

He is married to his wife, Gina, and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Chloe (11) and Charlotte (10).

Stacey Beadle, Duncan's Personal Assistant

Hi, I’m Stacey!  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about pianos and the piano industry. Music is so healing and edifying for the soul and there are so many benefits to playing the piano.
I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with piano technicians and artisans for almost 9 years now.  I started as a Kindermusik teacher back in 2012 after my 3 amazing boys were all in school, and from there my job evolved to helping schedule and coordinate piano recitals, weekly concerts, scheduling tunings and piano moves, bookkeeping and auditing, marketing and blogging, and helping consult customers with piano sales and piano restorations. Over the years I grew a deep passion for all things piano.
Call the store at 801-410-0018, and I’d love to speak with you and help you get you on the schedule for one of our extraordinary techs to tune your piano or answer your piano questions.  Pianos are so much more fun to play when they are in tune!
There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing a family heirloom brought back to life through rebuilding and the joy it brings to a family.  It’s something tangible that can be passed on through generations!  I started working for The Gilded Piano in January 2021 and I feel like I’ve landed my dream job!
I also love making raw chocolate, gardening, cleaning, reading, personal development, being a mom, Disneyland, checklists and scheduling, holidays, tennis, biking, and staying active.
My 3 boys!
Me and Brian – 21 years!
Me and my bike!

Melissa Waters, Admin

We are thrilled to have Melissa Waters on The Gilded Team!  She helps us with the tuning schedule and lots of other special projects, data entry, and other administrative tasks for us.  She has taught piano, violin, and loves music.

Jordan Beadle, Admin

Welcome, Jordan Beadle to the Gilded Team!  Jordan helps our tech with their tuning schedule and admin.

Jordan is currently attending Southern Utah University on the Governer’s Honors Academy leadership scholarship.  He loves cooking, serving, dancing, reading books and learning and is currently working on the Guinness world record for the largest hand-drawn maze.

Experience With Organs

I had the wonderful opportunity to work for 2 ½ years at M.L. Bigelow & Co. Organ Builders working on nearly every aspect on building pipe organs from intricate action building to wood carving. It was there that I began to develop the agility and dexterity to work with hand tools, which skill would prove necessary in my piano work. A huge thanks to Mike Bigelow for trusting me to take his carving tools, with no previous experience, and creating some of the works that would adorn his pipe organs for decades to come.

My First Organ

opus 27 – I did the carvings and much of the gold leaf (Hence “GILDED”!!!)

Bigelow 27 - The Gilded Piano

My Last Organ

opus 30 – I did the carvings and assisted in building the action, pipes, case and more.

The Gilded Piano - Organ Gilding

-Note from Duncan

I want to make note of my beautiful, wonderful, loving wife. Gina and I met first when I came and tuned her piano in 2004. We got married in April 2007, and continue to live our dreams together!