``How good is this Piano Tuner?`` See for yourself.
  • review rating 5  Duncan was very personable and fun to talk to. He did a great job with my piano and even taught me a few things. Great service and will definitely call again.

    thumb Megan Watts

    review rating 5  Someone told us we needed new felt on our piano, and I had no idea what that meant or how much it would be. We scheduled a tuning and some felt service, and Duncan showed up with his repair kit. It turned out our dampening felt was getting holey. Since our piano is older, and parts can be hard to come by, the replacement felt was going to require a special order, a time delay, and some additional expense. I mentioned that I can be sensitive to loud noises, and Duncan pulled out his bag of tricks to see what he could whip up. He very carefully measured a patch, pasted it on, waited for the glue to set, and reinstalled the dampening felt. We worked together to ensure the felt would be in place when it was supposed to be working and out of the way when it was supposed to be loud. Duncan then tested the piano function to ensure the patch was not interfering with the proper function of the instrument, and he demonstrated what to do if the felt ever got curled up and out of place. I was so happy to have a piano that could be quieted and was working properly that I paid the extra it would have cost to order to special order new dampening felt anyway. He took the time to do the repair correctly, and his fix saved us both an extra visit. If we had wanted a replacement felt, then Duncan happily would have ordered it and installed it, but patching the current felt was the best solution for us at the time, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the great service, Duncan!

    thumb Howard Coons
  • review rating 5  Duncan rocked our piano repair and was a pleasure to visit with too! Easy to work with and reasonably priced!

    thumb Marissa Hardinger

    review rating 5  I felt like my piano was getting the best care possible. Duncan took great care in cleaning and tuning and I felt confident in his work and recommendations. I'd highly recommend the company to anyone needing piano tuning or servicing. Very professional and courteous.

    thumb Sheri Hayden
  • review rating 5  Duncan was friendly, efficient, and did an excellent job. He charged us around $40 less than the quoted price because our piano didn't require a full pitch raise and he said he doesn't like to charge for work he doesn't have to do. We will definitely call him again for future piano maintenance!

    thumb Amy Rallison

    review rating 5  Duncan has been tuning my piano since I moved to the area a few years ago. He’s very professional and very personable. He’s always willing to explain what he’s doing and to point out characteristics of my piano. I’m very happy with his work and enjoy catching up with him when he’s here.

    thumb Robin English
  • review rating 5  Duncan is personable, professional, and every time he finishes a service, our piano sounds fantastic! He may cost a little more than some of the other piano tuners, but it's worth knowing that the tuning will be done by someone that not only has the right training, but also has an obvious love for music.

    thumb DeShawn Smith

    review rating 5  Duncan is professional, personable, and knows everything there is to know about tuning and repairing pianos. He has worked wonders with my antique upright grand piano. I give him my highest recommendation!

    thumb Beckie Davis
  • review rating 5  Duncan was awesome! You can tell he loves what he does and does it very well. I especially loved how he took such good care of my 99 year old 🎹 piano. I really loved the concert he gave me afterwards. I highly recommend him.

    thumb Ruth Jacobson

    review rating 5  We have had our piano tuned with The Gilded Piano for the last three years. Every time it's been a great experience! Duncan and Kelsey both do fantastic work. They are professional, knowledgeable, and methodical. They take the time to do address any additional concerns beyond tuning and even explain what they're doing to curious minds. My piano has sounded just beautiful after each tuning. I will definitely have them back every year. I highly recommend them!

    thumb Heidi Boren


Kudos to an awesome piano technician who solved a two year old mystery in our Yamaha C3 Grand Piano. Ever since we bought this used piano, there has been a clacking sound (like wood hitting metal) when we play particular keys fortissimo. After 2+ hours of methodical searching, Duncan discovered the problem: the damper upstop rail was too high, causing the dampers to hit the sostenuto rail when played hard (or at least I think that’s what he said). The fix took less than 5 minutes, and oh does it sound and feel so much better to play. Thank you, Duncan!”
– Jeff Wilks, BYU Accounting


I just wanted to thank you so much for keeping our piano in top notch shape and sounding great for 8 years now!!  You have such a gift for tuning and the fact that you are a brilliant musician just adds to the package.  My favorite part is when you are almost finished and you begin to play the piano yourself to check the tuning.  That is always such a treat!!  On top of that, you are a genuinely caring and good individual.  It’s a privilege to know you.”
– Gayle Holdman, Holdman Studios

I first met Duncan Peterson in 2006, when he was recommended by our local Steinway dealer. I had recently purchased an heirloom Steinway Model G which needed some repairs. Duncan rebuilt the action, regulated, voiced, and tuned the piano. Then he installed a humidifier to help protect the piano in our air-conditioned environment. I was so pleased with the results! Everybody who played the piano absolutely loved it. In 2009, I retired and left the piano behind. I recently had the opportunity to re-acquire the piano for use in a music conservatory. I called Duncan to come and tune it after 6 months of acclimation to the new location. We were both very pleasantly surprised to discover that there was very little work needed to bring it back up to performance standards. We recently had an old Chickering grand piano donated to the conservatory. He did wonders with tuning it. We also have Duncan regularly tune our small Yamaha grand piano at home. He has become a dear friend as well as our piano technician of choice!”

– Roger Kennard, Salt Lake City, UT


Thank you for the fantastic experience you provided as a Registered Piano Technician this morning. I must say, you have a few traits that go over and beyond any other technician I’ve experienced:
– Personable – very important as you know how to engage with your client. Most just show, “I’m here to tune your piano” and leave.
– Knowledgeable – definitely know what you are doing as well as understand the different pianos.
– Over-achiever – going beyond expectations. This is an area that blew me away. You enjoy what you do and it shows! You were under no obligation to show me how piano tuning is done, no obligation to play any musical pieces to ‘test’ the instrument, and definitely no obligation to record a few numbers for my personal enjoyment.
– Post-service activity – You referenced when you will look to come back (secures future business, kind of like an annuity stream) as well as the initial call which brought you to my home today.

You have some very special traits to treasure. Good luck in all your endeavors and please reach out to me for a reference if needed or anything else for that matter.”

My experience with Duncan was excellent. I wanted to get my brother’s baby grand piano tuned as a gift and when I explained the urgency and occasion, Duncan responded the same day and was able to come out within a few hours and did a great job with the piano. The piano was out of tune because of temperature changes in the apartment, but after Duncan was finished it sounded good as new. We are both piano players of over 15 years and are pretty particular with how we like a piano to sound. My brother was extremely happy with it as well and will definitely be calling Duncan later on when the piano needs tuning again. A+ job!”

– Ryan H., Provo, UT

Thank so very much for the excellent tuning AND for voicing the piano. I feel drawn to the piano again. Jim likes it, too. Thanks for becoming our friend.”

– Ardyth C., Provo, UT

As our piano tuner, Duncan was on-time, professional, competent, and respectful.  He was friendly, thorough, and willing to go the extra mile.

– Barbie & Reese H., South Jordan, UT

I recently had my piano tuned after nine years of neglect. I chose Duncan Peterson because he had been the last one to tune it. Duncan came out and was meticulous in the way he tuned the piano. He also vacuums the inside of the piano and will fix any sticking keys or broken wires. He is thorough and professional. My piano sounds and works better than it has in a long time. Duncan Peterson is amazing and I give him my highest recommendation.

– Bonnie L., Lehi, UT

When it comes down to it, your piano only sounds the best when it is kept tuned.  Since purchasing my Yamaha C7 grand five years ago Duncan Peterson has been the one piano tuner I always call when it needs touching up.  Try him, you’ll like him.  He’s great!”
Bob Bailey, Provo, UT

Duncan is available when my piano needs him.  He really appreciates the beauty of my piano and gives that extra bit of tweaking at the end of the process that really satisfies the ear.”
– Roy J., Salt Lake City, UT

I have a 50 year old piano that has seen a lot of use over the years.  I was worried that maybe it was time to start looking for a new piano.  However, I decided give Duncan a call and see of he could help us out.  After Duncan completed his work, it was like playing a new piano again.  I could not believe it!  In fact one of my adult students came for his lesson the following day and paused in the middle of his first piece to ask me if we had purchased a new piano!  Thank you, Duncan, for your knowledge and ability to make an old loved piano sound and feel new again!”
– Paula M., Holladay, UT, http://minimusic.net

Duncan was very personable and pleasant, I felt very comfortable having him in our home, and am pleased with his work on my piano.”
– N. Jensen, Orem, UT

Very people oriented! I could tell that you were here to be of service to the family, not just tune a piano.”
– John Taylor, Alpine, UT


I just got a chance to sit and play my piano after my students left, and it is wonderful!
The piano feels much more responsive to every touch.  The sound is amazing!  I don’t remember the piano being this great when I bought it, so either I have a poor memory, or you did a really good job.  (Let’s go with the latter.) 🙂
Thanks so much!  It was worth the wait and worth every penny.
Laura Madsen” (piano teacher), Orem, UT

Delighted by the professional work, the friendly attitude, and the superb customer service in arranging and confirming the appointment.”
Neal L., Provo, UT

My piano whispered ‘thanks’ to me! :)”
Bob J., Provo, UT

Very personable. Very positive upbeat individual that shows you why he cares not just tells you. Enjoyed having him in our home. Thanks for doing a great job!”
Jake F., Heber, UT

Such a great experience having my piano tuned this morning! He explained parts to me, answered my curious questions and was so pleasant.”
Leslie S., Orem, UT

He is very nice and I trust him in my house and of course, with my piano.”
–  Terryl S., Mapleton, UT

The visit and workmanship was absolutely superior and delightful besides.  I not only got supurb advice on a special problem or two with my piano, but deepened my long-time relationship with my piano tuner.  To an old man who lives alone this is a very important and wonderful thing to experience. Thanks so much, again.  My appreciation is endless.”
–  Jerry Renshaw, Holladay, UT

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