Steinway Certificate 5-1-15

I had the privilege of attending the Steinway & Sons “Regulation and Touch Seminar” at the Steinway Factory in Queens, New York City from Monday April 27th through Friday May 1st, 2015.  What a neat experience!

I was there along with 3 other technicians, one from Virginia, another from Oregon, and a third from Mexico.  The 4 of us in one room with one instructor (Kent Webb), for 4 1/2 days…each on our own Steinway grand piano.


This was our classroom:


To be in the actual factory where the world-renowned Steinway pianos are made was a real treat.

Just to think they’ve been in this one location for over 120 years!  That place is packed with custom and history and tradition.

One of the most impressive parts to me of touring the factory was witnessing the rim-bending process.  We were prohibited from taking any pictures inside the factory (just in the classroom) but I found these pictures online – it represents exactly what we saw:


Steinway Rim Bending

Really amazing stuff.

This is the first of  a small handful of trainings that I have been accepted into and will be able to attend over the upcoming years.

My instructor, Kent Webb, was quick to point out that although he will never claim that Steinway is “the best piano in the world” it is certainly the artists piano of choice, as has been witnessed over the past 150 years in concert halls and homes across the world.

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