I had the opportunity today to file hammers, regulate, and voice a beautiful Mason & Hamlin grand piano. Now that was fun – especially to see (and hear) the transformation over the course of the 6.5 hours I spent on it. Here are few pics to take you through some of my journey:

I was able to use the piano lid as a workbench (of course I put the piano keys (action, keyframe & keys) on a blanket so as not to scuff up the finish).
Filing the hammers
Before on the Left, After on the Right
Finished filing the hammers, now ready to regulate and voice. Fun!
Before hammer filing (deep grooves)
After hammer filing (barely visible grooves)
This is the piano before voicing (notice the bright sounding tone).
This is the piano after voicing (notice the more mellow, pleasant sounding tone)

The customer was so nice to leave the following feedback on Google (screen shot below):

“Duncan regulated and voiced our 1966 grand piano (6-1/2 hrs. of labor) and it sounds like we have a brand new piano! It was sounding so loud in our home and didn’t have a soft pedal and we could not open it up to play it as it was just too loud. Now it sounds and feels like we have a real grand piano! The sound is clear and succinct and beautiful and I can open it wide open and the soft pedal works! Thank you! Thank you! I hope to refer you to many others who have older pianos that aren’t as lovely sounding as they once were!”

Hearing this makes my work so fun!

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